Fallout: The Bluegrass Wasteland

Session 1

Into the Wasteland

After coming in second place in Vault 43’s annual Hunger Games, the vault dwellers Persephone Fell, Del Monte, and Johnny Gat are sentenced to exile. Thrown out of the Vault with only the clothes on their backs and some basic supplies, Overseer Brown wishes them “the best of luck” and seals them outside with a hideous laugh.

A short distance away, a former Enclave soldier is fighting for his life against four mercs who have identified him from a wanted poster. Horace has been drifting west for months, just trying to find someplace beyond the Enclave’s grasp, but it seems he still hasn’t exceeded their reach.

The mercs are just getting ready to flush him out with grenades when a shot rings out. A sniper on a nearby hilltop shoots the grenade out of its owner’s hand! Murphy the Madwoman is on the scene, lending aid to a man who is clearly outnumbered and at the end of his rope. Making a quick determination, the exiled Vault Dwellers decide that four people will give better loot than one, and that a lone survivor might be grateful for a timely rescue. They descend on the mercs with a will. Between their aid and Murphy’s crack shooting, the mercs are dispatched in no time.

Horace and Murphy are disturbed to find that their new allies are cannibals. Back in the Vault, humans and giant roaches were the only source of animal protein, after all. Horace wonders aloud what stops the Vault Dwellers from eating him and Murphy. Del replies that the two of them are still alive; people don’t become meat until they die, and killing someone for meat is just plain rude. Persephone adds that she would never countenance bad manners in her team. Still, Horace and Murphy refuse to partake of the “bounty” from the Vault team’s cooking spree. “Vegans!” Persephone mutters with disgust.

On the road the next day, the five of them decide to travel together for mutual safety, despite their slight distrust of one another. Murphy reveals that she is a psychic, and that west toward someplace called “the Gap” will lead them to safety (of a relative sort, anyway).

As they travel, Murphy is distracted by the sight of a radstag. They’re good eating! And only a little contaminated! She chases it down, but is almost caught off guard by the appearance of a blue-skinned mutant. She follows after her observer but falls into a pit trap, narrowly avoiding hurting herself in the process.

The others fish her out and they debate whether or not to follow the strange blue man, finally deciding to investigate. The Gap isn’t going anywhere, after all…


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