Fallout: The Bluegrass Wasteland

Session 2

The Blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek

After pursuing the strange blue-skinned man into the woods, the survivors stumbled across another wanderer, a Vault-suited man from a different part of the Wasteland, Vault 37. This well-armed stranger introduced himself as Morgan, and offered to join up with the group for mutual protection. Despite his implication that he had been thrown out of his Vault for being “a huge asshole,” the others decided that they were in no position to judge anything he might or might not have done and invited him along.

Soon enough, the newly expanded group found themselves coming across an old rundown homestead alongside a broad, gurgling creek. Standing at the gate of a rusted-out chainlink fence was an old man in overalls, holding a battered-looking shotgun. The survivors managed to convince him of their good intentions, and he introduced himself as Paul Fugate, better known to his kin as “Pappy.”

Pappy Fugate called back his family, who had hidden in the woods at the approach of strangers. The people of Troublesome Creek were an extended clan of mutants, the Blue Fugates, who had a lineage stretching back to before the Great War. They tended to keep to themselves, since strangers often mistreated them.

Lately, things had gotten tougher for them, since a group of raiders had moved into the old farmstead at Talcum, less than ten miles away. Pappy offered to give the survivors a place to call their own in Troublesome Creek if they could eliminate the raider problem, which the survivors were more than happy to agree with. Persephone agreed to stay behind to start cleaning up the old trailer that the Fugates were giving them, while the others continued on.

Intrigued by Pappy’s directions of Talcum being “south of the old Mine-Made Adventure Park,” the survivors took a detour to the place, finding it to be a huge graveyard of old, rusted-out cars and trucks. They found a few scraps worth holding onto in the rubble, but nothing truly juicy before continuing on.

They arrived in Talcum after nightfall, creeping up on the old farmstead with caution. They counted half a dozen armed raiders in the barn, as well as a lit-up trailer next door. Murphy offered to sneak in and kill the lights, while Horace and Johnny waited for her signal to come in and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, it turned out that the lights were mostly just lanterns and bonfires, so Murphy lived up to her nickname by making her “signal” shooting the raiders’ lookout in the head.

A pitched battle ensued. The raiders outnumbered the heroes by more than two to one, but their tactics were disorganized and their weapons poor quality. Their leader, a woman that Murphy recognized from back in her Commonwealth days as Olivia, tried to rally them together but was too hard-pressed by concentrated gunfire and Morgan’s displays of pugilism. Her pet wampus, Rufus, harried Murphy almost to her death before the other heroes could reach her, but Olivia herself perished with the rest of her crew. Only one raider managed to survive, driven away by Horace’s threatening manner.

With stimpaks scavenged from their dead foes, Del managed to patch Murphy up and get her moving again, though her concern was less about her ruptured internal organs and more about whether or not the raiders had any jet on them. The answer, as it turned out, was yes. Looting the raiders netted some basic caps and a small amount of ammo, as well as a terminal entry that made them think the nearby post office might have something valuable in it.

After camping overnight to heal up their scrapes and bruises, they made their way to the old Talcum post office, where they found the place manned by an old Mister Handy calling himself Postmaster Gray. A bit of banter revealed that the post office had been shut down a few weeks before the Great War, but that no one had ever shown up to take the leftover mail back to the distribution center.

Johnny managed to convince Gray to shutdown for maintenance, and Del used his knowledge of science to initialize a factory reset. When the Mister Handy turned back on, they renamed it Maitre’D and imprinted it on Del so that they could have a robot servant. Among the loot in the old post office, they found a mini-nuke(!), which Murphy demonstrated was perfectly safe by banging it on a counter a few times.

With their (hopefully full functional) Mister Handy in tow, they set off to return to Troublesome Creek.


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