Noah Sanders

A wandering merchant and a descendant of a pre-war hero


Noah Sanders is a middle-aged man in an off-white suit. His dark hair is a little long and his goatee scruffy, but he is obviously the spitting image of the strange statues found in front of many pre-war restaurants. He is rarely seen outside of leading a caravan, and almost never without his trained galluraptor, Harlan.


Noah Sanders is a direct descendant of the legendary pre-war hero, Colonel Sanders. Like his ancestor, he seeks to bring good food and home comforts to the people of the wasteland. Noah’s caravan sells food, medicine, and spices for the Coalrunners, running on both the eastern and western circuits.

Currently, Noah is seeking out the lost relics of his ancestor: the tie, cane, sword, and medallion of Colonel Sanders. He would also pay handsomely to find his ancestor’s lost workshop, which is said to be somewhere near the ruins of Corbin. Noah is an honorary member of the Kentucky Colonels, in remembrance of his ancestor’s great deeds.

Noah Sanders

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