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The Bluegrass Wasteland

Once known as “the Bluegrass Commonwealth”—and even before that as the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio—the Bluegrass Wasteland was spared many of the horrors of direct nuclear attack during the Great War. Few high-profile targets existed in the verdant forests, rolling hills, and coal-rich mountains of the central region. However, due to the prevailing weather patterns, the region suffered as much fallout and radiation exposure (if not more) than any area around it.

North of the Ohio River is almost erased from existence due to the prevalence of high-profile civilian targets, such as a major General Atomics factory and several military bases, but much of Kentucky was untouched by the direct hand of war. The former state of Tennessee is known to be mostly wilderness in the modern era, a land of horrific monsters and strangling forest, so the central Bluegrass is where the majority of “civilization” (such as it is) exists.

The Bluegrass Wasteland is a place of great beauty and terrible danger, filled with the legacy of the old world and terrifying inhabitants of the new one.




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