Morgan James

An exiled Vault Dweller trying to become a kinder person


Morgan is a tall, powerfully built Vault Dweller who is rarely seen without his prized power fist. His musculature is almost literally unbelievable, like a pre-war action movie hero, and more than one person has wondered if Morgan isn’t just a pink super mutant.


Morgan comes from Vault 37, an experimental Vault designed to test the long-term effects of steroidal drugs and physical enhancement on the human body. The vast majority of the Vault’s inhabitants are weight lifters, martial artists, and wrestlers. Far from making them violent, however, most of Vault 37’s inhabitants had gained a sort of Zen-like introspection, making the act of improving their bodies an exercise in improving their spirits as well.

But not Morgan. Morgan was a jerk. He got off on bullying others, using his physical perfection to lord over those around him. After some unspecified conflict, the Overseer finally decided he had no choice but to exile Morgan, hoping that the man would learn to be a kinder, gentler person by facing true adversity. Morgan has been wandering the surface for some time, looking to make himself better, but he still has a long way to go.

Morgan James

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