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  • Paul "Pappy" Fugate

    Paul is the oldest living member of the Fugate clan, and their de facto leader due to his old age. He leads the clan from their hidden town of Troublesome Creek. Though legends speak of the Blue Fugates as dangerous, even cannibalistic mutants, the truth …

  • Maitre'D

    The robot called Maitre'D used to be Postmaster Gray, the Mister Handy in charge of the Talcum town post office. He was successfully convinced to shut down and allow a factory reset by [[:del-monte | Del]], who gave him a new name and set him to "American …

  • Brother Isaac

    Isaac is the leader of the Holliday Farm, a settlement that worships a corn god they refer to as [[:hewhowalks | "He Who Walks Behind the Rows]]." Isaac is friendly and welcoming to outsiders, though it remains to be seen whether this is genuine or a ruse.

  • Clementine Fugate

    Clementine is the great-granddaughter of Paul Fugate, leader of the extended Blue Fugate clan. She's apparently old enough to get married, and Pappy is looking to hitch her off to an outsider.

  • He Who Walks Behind the Rows

    The people of Holliday Farm outside Hazard worship He Who Walks Behind the Rows as the god of harvests and judgment. No one knows how a super mutant wound up in a corn maze or why he won't leave it. The farmers who worship him don't even know what a " …

  • Noah Sanders

    Noah Sanders is a direct descendant of the legendary pre-war hero, Colonel Sanders. Like his ancestor, he seeks to bring good food and home comforts to the people of the wasteland. Noah's caravan sells food, medicine, and spices for the Coalrunners, …

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